Face Shields for First Responders
We are currently producing face shields for First Responders.

Custom. Comfort. Fit.

Embrace your face,

before you face the world

Custom Made 3D Face Masks

Transforming the standard of patient care for burn survivors into self care with healing support and anti-gravity benefits.

See the Process of Getting you a Mask
Step One: Begins with a simple 3D scan of your face, and your order is placed.

Step Two: You confirm your selections via email,. We create a custom mask for you.

Step Three: You receive your face mask, and begin wearing it.
A fit check: is currently done via tele-medicine style- remote viewing.
Let's Get Started
PPO emerged because we felt like we could make a better mask
customized to each patient's needs, able to overcome many of the issues. We design, engineer and prototype facial masks and splints that are designed to remodel collagen and protect soft tissue while regenerating and healing. We are currently looking for strategic partnerships for rapid advancement into broader market segments.
Faster Scanning
Done Quicker
New Materials
For Comfort and Easy
Improved Strapping Options
For Ease
Better Algorithms
For a Precise Fit.
Customized to where needed, to aid in flattening and smoothing skin
For a more youthful appearance
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